Monday, February 20, 2006

RSF to hold demonstration against Loyalist march

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Republican Sinn Féin
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Dublin 1, Ireland

For further information contact:
Des Dalton:
Vice-President: 086-329 1809
Ruairí Óg Ó Brádaigh
Publicity Officer: Dublin 872 9747,
087-648 2061

Phone: +353-1-872 9747
Fax: +353-1-872 9757

For release
20 February\Feabhra 2006

Press Release/Preas Ráiteas

RSF to hold demonstration against Loyalist march

REPUBLICAN SINN FÉIN, who were the first to speak out against the
staging of a Loyalist march in Dublin announced that they will be
assembling at the Parnell monument at the top of O’Connell St
assembling from 10.00am on February 25. RSF Vice President Des Dalton
said they were doing so to show solidarity with the beleaguered
nationalist people of the Six Counties as well as to oppose the staging
of sectarian marches.

“This march is offensive to all who oppose sectarianism, bigotry and
racism. Those who are organising this march represent the same people
who have burned homes, schools and churches across the Six Counties.
They represent groups who have murdered innocent uninvolved people as a
matter of policy simply because of their religion. They speak about
tolerance, yet when was a nationalist parade of any kind, cultural or
political been allowed to take place in Portadown or East Belfast? Many
nationalist communities are afraid to even display GAA club or county
colours in case of Loyalist attack.” He said. “We are calling on all of
our members and supporters as well as all who oppose this march to join
us on the 25th.”

To show that there is not a hierarchy of suffering Republican Sinn
Féin President Ruairí Ó Brádaigh will lead a wreath at the monument in
Talbot St, to the 33 victims, Protestant and Catholic of the 1974
Dublin and Monaghan bombs.



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